Why Should You Buy an Electric Fireplace?


Electric fireplaces are the most loved home comfort products these days. The hearth is the heart of your home so that its highly important that you select the right fireplace. Nowadays, most of the consumers prefer electric fireplaces over conventional fireplaces. There are a lot of advantages in using an electric fireplace over a conventional fireplace. Let’s have a look in detail.


Easy maintenance is the biggest advantage of using an electric fireplace. We can avoid all the hassles of burning real wood (in a conventional fireplace). An electric fireplace doesn’t burn wood or use gas,  this makes it cozy and easy to maintain. The maintenance cost of an electric fireplace is very low.

2. Easy Installation

An electric fireplace is really easy to install. In a conventional fireplace, you have to arrange wood logs, take care of proper firing/safety, etc while an electric fireplace can be installed as easily as installing a TV.

3. Safety

Most of the electric fireplaces do have overheat protection. This feature makes the device capable of shutting down automatically in case of any temperature overshoots. This ensures that your entire house, kids and pets are safe from any kind of hazards.

4. Less Expensive

Compared to a traditional fireplace, an electric fireplace is very cheap. Whether it be the installation cost or running cost, an electric fireplace is way cheaper than the traditional one.

5. No Fumes

What electric fireplace produce is fake flames so that no real burning of logs is happening.  Which means neither gas nor fumes will be penetrated into your house. You can totally avoid the risk of intaking toxic fumes. By using an electric fireplace, you can ensure that your room is smoke-free and healthy.

6. Elegant Home  decor

Most of the contemporary fireplaces come up with fabulous design and styles. You are not only buying a fireplace but also an elegant decor to your home. The sleek and compact design of the modern electric fireplaces can really get the attention of your guests.

7. Long-lasting and durability

An Electric fireplace is meant to last long without any complaints.  They are less susceptible to corrosion and rust and this makes the fireplace capable of running for a long period of time without any kind of defects.

8. Energy Efficient and cost-saving

Electric fireplaces can save you a lot on energy bills. You can set the fireplace to heat the rooms alone as per your choice and this allows you to turn down the central thermostat. Moreover, it requires only pennies for an electric fireplace to run for an hour. A traditional fireplace is highly expensive. You need spend a lot of money on fuel and wood. An electric fireplace has an efficiency of 99%  and costs only around 8 cents for an hour of operation. This , in the long run can save you a lot of money.

9. Use them year around

You can use an electric fireplace year around(irrespective of the seasons).  An electric fireplace will work very efficiently in the peak of winter and on the heights of summer. You don’t need to worry about the external climatic change as it doesn’t affect the performance of the fireplace.

10. Easy to control

Most of the electric fireplaces come with remote control. This makes it easy for you to control your fireplace comfortably. You can adjust the temperature and settings of the fireplace very easily using a remote control

11. Portability

Portability is another highlight advantage of using an electric fireplace. You can easily remove the fireplace and install it at some other place all by your self. This will highly convenient when you shift your homes as you can easily take the fireplace along with you.

12. Space-saving

With tremendous flexibility, an electric fireplace can save you a lot of  space. Electric fireplace inserts come in large varieties of shapes and sizes and can be integrated with your furniture like bookshelves, TV stands, fireplace media centers, mantels, etc. Because of this space saving nature, an electric fireplace will be a perfect choice for your apartments, condo, and homes.

These are the major advantages of using an electric fireplace over a conventional fireplace. If you are interested in buying a new electric fireplace for your home, checkout our article about the best electric fireplaces available in the market today.

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