Why Do I Need a Fireplace Poker?


Fireplaces are one of the most commonly used winter remedies to withstand the cozy climate. For ages, fireplaces are the place where people gather to enjoy food, host social events, romantic evenings and many more. They are also considered as a decor item in many modern homes.

Nowadays, fireplaces are no longer a necessity for home indoors but just an addition for home’s indoor decor.

If not maintained properly your fireplace can be a serious fire hazard to your indoors.

Fireplace pit poker is an essential tool while handling your fireplace. Moving too close to the fireplace to move the wood logs can be dangerous. A fireplace pit poker should be the first tool you should look for because you want to stay warm, but you don’t want to get burned. The fireplace pit poker, also known as fireplace stoker is just a rigid rod which is used to move the wood around the fire to make it burn stronger.

Guide to Choose The Best Fireplace Poker

Though a fireplace pit poker is a simple piece of equipment for your fireplace there are few simple factors you should consider before choosing your item.

The very few and important factors to consider before buying a fireplace poker are listed below.

1. Safe and Comfortable Handle

Most models have resin handles which won’t get hot while you move hot burning wood racks. Always consider the material from which the fire poker handle is made up of.

Don’t forget to go for the handle which is made of comfortable material. A hard handle can also hurt your hands while you move heavier logs.

2. Hooks

A model with hooks would be more compatible and safe to use. You can easily hang the equipment near your fireplace or anywhere safe in your indoors. Since the fire poker left on the ground or on the floors in your home can be dangerous. Some models have sharp ends and may hurt you if left uncared.

3. Rust Resistant

Most people prefer camping or setting up the fireplace outdoors. It’s always safe to go for rust-resistant types of equipment in your outdoors.

4. Length

Go for a model with an average length so that you won’t get burned while working with heavily burning fireplaces. Don’t go for a model too long because it may be difficult for you to move the wood logs with a lengthier rod.

Top 5 Fireplace Pokers to Choose

1. Stanbroil 36-Inch Black Steel Fireplace Poker

STANBROI fireplace poker
STANBROI Black Steel Fireplace Pit Poker

The finely built and durable fireplace pit poker from Stanbroil is our #1 pick in this category. It has a simple hook in its handle to safely hang it when not in use. The fireplace stoker consists of two parts and can easily be assembled for convenience. The unit is made of durable black steel. The featured resin handle with this unit brings maximum comfort and ensures your hands won’t get hurt.

The unit has an excellent built quality to last in heavy fires.  Fireplace pit poker unit from Stanbroil is great for campfires, fire pits, fireplaces, and wood stoves.

Product Description

Package Dimension – 16.6 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches

Item Weight – 1.61 Pounds

2. Walden Stoker Poker Fireplace PIT Poker

Walden stoker poker fireplace PIt poker

The Walden Stoker Poker fireplace pit poker allows you to stoke, move the wood logs in your fire pit or fireplace from a safe and convenient distance with its extra-long, patented one-way air valve design. You can conveniently take this lightweight, durable fireplace pit poker to your fireplace or campfire with ease. It features a natural wood handle with a built-in one-way air valve. The equipment is built with high carbon durable tube with unique dual air jets and a handy notched poker head.

The best thing with this fireplace pit poker is the unique mouthpiece and one-way air valve which allows you to blow air to the fireplace right where it counts.

The stainless steel hanging loop and mouthpiece is also an excellent addition with this unit.

Product Description

Package Dimension – 37 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches

Item Weight – 1 Pound

3. Heritage Products 36 Inch Heavy Duty Fireplace Poker

fireplace poker by heritage products
36-inch fireplace poker by heritage products

This 36-inch long heavy duty fireplace pit poker is handmade in the USA. It has a  featured knuckle guard to protect your hands from fireplace, hot fire pit etc. It has a single-piece construction from durable 1/2 inch round bar steel.

Use the hook or handle to hang the fireplace poker safely when not in use.

This featured fireplace pit poker from heritage products is an excellent addition for your firepits, fireplace or wood stove.

Product Description

Package Dimension – 36 x 0.5 x 2.8 inches

Item Weight – 2.6 Pounds

4. Rocky Mountain Goods Long Fireplace Stoker

Rocky Mountains Goods Fireplace Poker
Fireplace PIT Poker by Rocky Mountains Goods

The Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace stoker is an excellent addition to your indoor fireplace or outside for the fire pit. This unit has a decorative look and is more than the show as this unit allows you to easily move logs or pick up fire grates from your fireplace or firepit with much comfort. The rust-resistant black finish of the equipment gives this a premium look but you can use the fireplace poker outside.

This fireplace poker has a length of 27” ensuring your hand won’t get hot in the excess fire.

Product Description

Package Dimension – 25 x 1 x 1 inches

Item Weight – 1.3 Pounds


5. Firedragon: Blow Poke Fireplace Poker

Fireplace Poker by FIREDRAGON
FIREDRAGON Blow Fireplace SToker

The Firedragon blow poke fireplace stoker is an excellent tool to have with your fireplace or fire pit. With this equipment, you can easily and safely get those flames blazing. The black powder-coated steel poker from firedragon helps you manage your fireplace from a safe distance from fire and smoke.

Your fireplace, BBQ or campfire will jump to life immediately with this finely built fireplace stoker. It has an excellently polished brass mouthpiece and you can effectively get your fireplace burnt without using any fuel or harmful solvents.

Product Description

Package Dimension – 38 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight – 1.5 Pounds

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