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Electric Patio Heater


Most people love spending their leisure time reading their favorite books,  spend time with family, grilling, etc. in their patio. There’s no need to end up the party earlier just because of night falls and the temperature drops. Instead, you just need to choose a great patio heater. Patio heaters are popular choices for bars, restaurants,  and homes as they allow outdoor spaces to remain heated...

Best Ventless Propane Heaters


When the summer has faded into a distant memory and the weather has turned cold. When you are thinking of the best heating solution for your home and looking out to buy a good ventless propane heater you might be a little confused.  Finding the right indoor propane heater for your home can be quite a daunting task, especially if you have no idea about the product and the market. You might be glad...

How to Choose The Right Portable Propane Heater?


  In search of a portable heating solution that can be used in or outdoors? A propane heater can be the right product to purchase. Propane heaters are highly popular amongst those who need portability with their heating solutions and in situations where it is not convenient to place the heater near an electrical source. A propane heater is also a type of space heater that heats up the air...

Main advantages of using an electric heater with thermostat


Looking for the right type of heater for your home or office? Heaters are either fuel-fired or electrically driven. We recommend electric heaters over other fuel-fired heaters because electric heaters have far more advantages than fuel-fired heaters in all situations. The only primary disadvantage of an electric heater is its higher operating cost. The main advantages of the electric heater are...

Top 5 Economical Space Heaters


A Space Heater is essential in all homes (even if you’ve central heating systems installed) to evenly heat individual rooms/living areas. In USA, almost all homes (90% of homes or more) have set up a central heating system – which would be a central furnace, or a boiler based system or a heat pump system. While central heating systems are a great way to heat up a home, they...

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