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Rechargeable Battery Fan: Buyer’s Guide


  Tired of the constantly increasing temperature? Well, a good rechargeable battery fan could be the best companion you should own to escape from this scorching heat. Portable battery fans are available in the range of small and cute keychain fans to the larger desk fans that are capable of cooling a fairly big room. Battery operated fans have evolved somewhere in the twentieth century and...



A Swamp cooler is an affectionate name of an evaporative cooler. During the hot summer months, using a swamp cooler can save a lot on your monthly electricity bills. It uses only the natural process of evaporation to make your home’s air colder. What are swamp cooler pads? Swamp cooler pads are a crucial part in your swamp coolers. Proper inspection and cleaning the swamp cooler pads is an...

Ductless Air Conditioner


  A ductless air conditioner normally consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor.  You can improve the efficiency of the system simply by removing the ducts.  The inbuilt thermostat makes it capable to control each area with individual temperature. Pros and Cons of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems ADVANTAGES OF DUCTLESS SYSTEMS The main advantages of ductless...

Guide to Choose The Right Portable Air Conditioner


  Air conditioners are sometimes the only option to get cool air inside. We can use portable ways such as a battery fan, portable AC, etc.. to cool your space conveniently. Whether you endure hot weather all year long or only for a few months in a year air conditioning can become necessary to keep your home comfortable. In most cases, a central air conditioner or individual AC units in every...

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