Best Electric Fireplace of 2020 reviewed


Are you still pondering over on whether to buy that elegant and stylish electric fireplace that you just saw online?

Well, most of us do get confronted by this dilemma while thinking of buying furniture for our homes, leave alone an electric fireplace.

There are numerous models and patterns available with electric fireplaces to replace your old fashioned wood or gas fireplace. Let’s have a look at the best electric fireplaces of 2020.

Why Electric Fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are very convenient to operate and don’t require any ventilation. Also, the wide variety of beautiful designs and patterns available with electric fireplaces make it the best option for indoors of any type of decor.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Fireplace

1. Things you expect

Be sure of what do you expect from buying an electric fireplace. Some people opt for a fireplace just for bringing a good appeal to their indoors while others mainly focus on making their indoors warmer.

However, few heads of the tribe may opt for the one that can bring an excellent appeal at the same maintain sufficient warmth to the indoors. Necessarily, an electric fireplace can do this both.

2. Installation 

Consider the electrical supply of your home checked by a qualified electrician. Making sure your fittings and electrical supply is substantial enough to bear the extra load. Service your supply and electrical fittings after consulting an expert.

3. Selection

Fireplaces are available in wooden, rustic and metal looks to match different backgrounds and indoors of different ambiance. Always try to go for the model that suits well well with your indoor decor.

Top 7 Electric Fireplaces to Choose

After hours of tiring research, we’ve come up with top-seven electric fireplace models from the top sellers in the market. Go for the model that suits well with your home’s indoor look and feel. 

1. Touchstone 80001 – Onyx Electric Fireplace

Touchstone 80001 is one of the best selling electric fireplace in the industry. Realistic flames, Contemporary design, and durability makes this electric fireplace the top-rated one. This electric fireplace is designed to be wall-mounted. Touchstone Onyx Electric fireplace does have 2 heat settings to add supplemental heat. You can adjust the flames settings from the 5 preset settings ranging from soft ember flow to full glaze. This electric fireplace will also be an elegant decor to your home, the flames are set in a pile of fake logs that gives a realistic feel to the fireplace. Another highlight feature of this electric fireplace is that it uses LED technology which can save a lot on your energy bills.

Touchstone 80001 – Onyx Electric Fireplace can be the best fit for your living room, dining room or bedrooms. The LED bulbs are mercury-free and cool to touch, this makes it safe for children and pets. With weighing 46 pounds only, this fireplace can be installed hassle-free by a single person. Just follow the detailed step by step instructions given in the manual.

Some of the highlight features of this Electric fireplace are


  • Realistic log set
  • Easy installation
  • Stylish home decor
  • Two heat options
  • Safe to use


  • Not very cheap
  • Not the best for very large room

Product Specification








2. PuraFlame 30 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control

The number one reason that you should buy this Fireplace insert is its original looks. PuraFlame manufacturers have worked really hard on this product to make it realistic. The brick linings, logs, and the wall design make this look really identical to the conventional fireplace.

Using the thermostat, the temperature can be adjusted from 60 Degree F to 84 Degree F.  Also you can save on your energy bills as the Fireplace is built with LED technology.


  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Realistic flames
  • Remote control
  • 3 flame effects




This electric fireplace from Duraflame is a great way to add necessary warmth to your indoors and at the same time can be an excellent addition to your indoor decor. This unit is suitable for rooms up to 400 sq ft and can provide a maximum heat output of 4600 BTU’s. Apart from other models, this electric fireplace is a freestanding model hence you don’t have to bother about any costly installation. 

To give strength, durability and an authentic look this unit is made of metal and the unit has a full operation door and a metal handle 

Through the glass of the doors in the fireplace unit, you can view realistic flames The unit also features without the heat option so that you can have the excellent appeal of this fireplace in your indoors without unnecessarily heating your home’s indoors. 

Product Description

4. Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert, Black

Dimplex DFI2310 electric firepalce
Dimplex DFI2310

The Dimplex DFI2310 electric fireplace has 1375 watts heating power and has insert features patented flame technology for a realistic and beautiful flame effect. It comes in a black finish that matches any type of indoor decor. 

The unit can be installed easily to an existing masonry or steel fireplace opening, and there’s no venting, no gas hookup to deal with. After installation, plug the unit into a standard household outlet and enjoy the fire with these beautiful LED logs. The built-in fan-operated heater with this unit is capable of distributing heat evenly and quietly up to 400 square feet also by providing economical operation of less than about two cents per hour. Heating options with this electric heater also include full heat, half heat, and flame only for four-season enjoyment. Using the remote control you can turn the electric heater “on” and “off” from anywhere in the room. 

Product Description

Item Dimension: 23.2 x 10.8 x 19.8 inches

Item Weight: 3.2 Ounces

5. Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace 1500/750 WattHeater – Black

Touchstone 80004 electric fireplace
Touchstone 80004

What’s better than a perfect fireplace heater during the cold winter days. The Touchstone electric fireplace is the best option for bringing excellent warmth to your indoors and at the same time an outstanding decor element for your indoors. 

Since the unit is electric forget the hassle in cleaning up ash and left-outs from burning the wooden logs. The unit operates in 1500 watts and with a voltage of 120. 

The sleek black finish of this unit suits well with any kind of decor and adds up an excellent look to your indoors. This electric heater is capable of heating rooms up to 400 sq ft. 

Easily control the unit with the remote control provided with this unit. Making this feature stand out from its competitors this unit also features shine and color(orange, blue, blue-orange) changing options. The user manual within this unit has every information a user needs to know about this unit.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 50.4 x 5.5 x 21.5 inches

Item Weight: 59 Pounds

6. DONYER POWER 14″ Mini Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace by DONYER POWER
DONYER POWER Electric Fireplace

The sleek and unique design inspiration of this electric fireplace comes from the classic styles of European palaces and combines changeable modern aesthetics with smooth arc lines. This 14-inch fireplace is an ideal heat source to burnish the room and at the same time matches the decoration design in winter. 

It also features a very sturdy base to enhance to improve efficiency and ensuring safety. This fireplace unit also features separate functions for heating and fire hence this unit can be used to add up a visual appeal without heating your home indoors unnecessarily. 

Product Description

Item Dimension: 14.3 x 7.9 x 9.8 inches

Item Weight: 10.36 Pounds

7. Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

electric fireplace by lifesmart
Lifesmart quartz electric fireplace

 Heating only the rooms you use can help to reduce your overall consumption of energy.

Since no venting is required with this unit, you can install it anywhere in your home. 

You can  plug this unit into a standard 15 A 110-volt outlet to enjoy the comforting warmth in your indoors. You can enjoy the ambiance of this fireplace year-round operating without heat option featured with this unit. The quiet scroll fan with the unit helps circulate the heat. This Lifesmart electric fireplace also comes equipped with glide casters adding extra appeal and convenience to the unit.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 28 x 11 x 20 inches

Item Weight: 40 Pounds

How does an Electric Fire place work?

Electric fireplace, are designed in such a way that it produces heat which is enough to make a room warm and cozy sans the smoke, dust and cleaning struggle. All you need to do to snuggle into the warm
Even though you may see a variety of electric fireplace in the market, it is good enough to know the basic working system on which all of them heat up the room.

Simply put, this home appliance like any other room heating device takes in cool air and blows out hot air. So the main component of the electric fireplace is the heating rod which is heated through electricity. Now since Hot air is lighter than the cool air, the hot air gets easily blown out using a fan. This hot air, in turn, makes the room warmer in the chilly winters. Nowadays some electric fireplaces also use infrared technology to heat up the coil where electromagnetic radiation is the key principle in transferring the hot air into the room.

You may also see flames on these electric fire-places which are nothing but led lights and mirrors placed in such a way that it creates an effect of real like flames. Some fireplace units also have in built-in fire crackling sound system installed to resemble the wood-burning sounds found in the conventional wood/gas fireplace.
These add-ons give a realistic and more traditional look and feel to the whole electric fireplace unit.

Types of electric fire places

Electric fireplaces have gained popularity over the years and are also available in many models and designs. If you are new to this, here is a classification of the types of electric fireplaces based on different factors.
Classification based on the type of installation.

1. Wall Mount Electric Fire Places

Wall mount electric fireplaces are one of the popular types of its kind. They add an aesthetic look that matches any home decor. These are popular due to the ease of installation as they can just be mounted on a wall using some basic tools. They need not require an expert for the same. One downside, however, is that you cannot place any electronics like TV, DVD player, etc on the wall mount fireplace, as there are guidelines which describe the minimum distance required between the wall mount electric fireplace and the electronic gadgets.

2. Electric fire place inserts

Electric fireplace inserts as the name suggests are designed to be inserted into the wall. They are easy to install if and only if you have had already a traditional fireplace inserted or vacant cabinetry that matches the dimensions of the fireplace insert you have bought. In other cases, these fireplace types require a hole carved out on a wall that can fit the insert perfectly into it.

Electric fireplace inserts are classified further according to the nature of its application, namely: plugin, built-in, and log set fireplace inserts. The log set electric fireplace is designed to slide in easily into an old unused wood-burning space and has a 3D log set and the flame effect is projected on the back of the wall. The plugin inserts can be placed on any of the vacant cabinet, mantels and unused wood fireplace and simply operates by plugging into the ordinary electrical household outlet. While the log set electric fireplace insert is the easiest to install, the built-in fireplace insert comes with a complicated installation process.

3. Freestanding/Stand alone Electric fire place

A freestanding fireplace is a perfect solution to those looking for a media cabinet cum electric fireplace. These are designed in such a way that they can be installed anywhere in the room, as they are movable and save a lot of space and work. No need to carve holes or drill the walls for screws, all you need to do is place the fireplace wherever you want, and plug into an electric socket.

Classification based on the place of installation

4. Outdoor Electric fireplaces

If you are wondering if an electric fireplace can be installed outdoors, like in your car-porch area or garden area, then be delighted, as the answer is yes. All you need to check is that the electric fireplace you are purchasing is rated for outdoor use.
Outdoor fireplace units come as both freestanding and wall-mounted units. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully before its operation and you are good to go!

5. Indoor Electric fire places

Indoor electric fireplaces are designed specifically to be used indoors, inside the 4 walls of a home. Keep in mind, that even though all the outdoor-rated electric fireplaces can be used indoors, the indoor rated electric fireplaces cannot be used for outdoor settings.
These units come as wall-mounted, inserts and freestanding units.

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Now that we have discussed the working and types of the electric fireplaces, let us know look into its advantages.

1. Low maintenance cost

Apart from the capital costs which vary according the models, electric fireplaces are energy efficient and do not require any maintenance cost like that required for cleaning the ashes in the smoked wood burning fireplaces.

2. Ease of installation and operation

Electric fireplaces only require an electric socket and for some models, a dedicated electric circuit. Just plug in the unit and enjoy the heat with the blazing flames and the crackling sounds on a chilly night.

3. No smoke

Since these units just mimic the fire and produce heat through an electric heater, there is no smoke that is produced due to the actual burning of wood. As long as there is electricity, the fireplace will emit heat and create the right ambiance.

4. Great as a home decor piece

An electric fireplace can be a great option to be used as a home decor piece in your home. Even in the warm days when the heater is not required, you can just choose not to use the heater but still enjoy the beautiful flames.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which electric fireplace is ideal for me?

To choose the ideal model, you need to prioritize your needs.
If you are looking for an outdoor cum indoor unit, a freestanding fireplace rated for outdoor use will be the best option.
If you are looking for a 2 in 1 model that can serve as a TV stand and a fireplace unit, then you will need to chose between a fireplace insert and a standalone unit.
Just keep in mind to read the instructions carefully before you choose to install any of these units.

How much energy does a electric fireplace consume?

To choose the ideal model, you need to prioritize your needs.
If you are looking for an outdoor cum indoor unit, a freestanding fireplace rated for outdoor use will be the best option.
If you are looking for a 2 in 1 model that can serve as a TV stand and a fireplace unit, then you will need to chose between a fireplace insert and a standalone unit.
Just keep in mind to read the instructions carefully before you choose to install any of these units.

Does a fireplace heat well ?

To choose the ideal model, you need to prioritize your needs.
If you are looking for an outdoor cum indoor unit, a freestanding fireplace rated for outdoor use will be the best option.
If you are looking for a 2 in 1 model that can serve as a TV stand and a fireplace unit, then you will need to chose between a fireplace insert and a standalone unit.
Just keep in mind to read the instructions carefully before you choose to install any of these units.

What are the types of heaters used and which one is the most efficient?

The heaters inside the electric fireplace unit are the heart and soul of the whole unit. They provide the required warmth to the whole room. Normally there are three types of heaters which are used, namely: fan forced heater, ceramic heater and quartz infrared heater. You can check the specification of an electric fireplace unit you wish to buy to know what type of heater is used in it.
Most commonly used heater is the fan forced coil heaters, however the most efficient title goes to the quartz infrared heater which can heat up to an area of around 1000 sq. Ft.

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