Best Bathroom Heater (Reviews and Buying Guide 2019)


While you’re getting ready for your day during the cold mornings you may wish to have more warmth to your indoors. Heating your whole house using a centralized heater may take more time and a lot of energy might be wasted. Make your mornings more comfortable and enjoyable also by saving a few bucks on your monthly bills.

In the next session, we’ve got the complete guide to choose the best bathroom heater for your home, no matter what kind of product you are considering to purchase.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Bathroom Heater

  1.  Type of Bathroom Heater

If you’re about to buy a bathroom heater for the first time, you may get confused with the different models available in the market. Whatever your requirement is, there’ll be a suitable model out there meeting your needs. If you just want to take away the cozy feel of your bathroom there are affordable models available out there. Else, if you want to bring a luxurious appeal to your bathroom there are excellent designs available in the market. 

  2.  Location of Bathroom Heater

While you’re about to go for a heating solution for your bathroom, you must first think of where your bathroom heater should be placed in your bathroom. Not all types of heaters suit with every bathroom. That is, you must examine your bathroom before buying a heater.

  3. Heating Cost

Most people are looking for cheaper options for air conditioning because a good part of your monthly earning is spent on home air conditioning. A portable heater or an electric wall heater would be easy to install and also is a cheaper option to heat your bathroom. If you’ve got a larger bathroom, both these type of heaters may not be adequate to meet your needs. 

  4. Power of the Bathroom Heater

Like any other heaters, you should make sure that a bathroom heater can meet your needs. Since most of the bathrooms are small in size, a small bathroom heater with an average heating capacity would be enough to provide essential warmth to your bathroom space. If you’ve got a larger bathroom you must have an estimated idea of how many square feet you should heat. In that case, you should consider buying a bathroom heater with fairly higher heating capacity. 

5. Making Your Decision

You can make your decision considering several factors. In the next session, we’ll review a few bathroom heater models from top sellers in the market. Choose the best model suitable for your bathroom. Once you’ve made your choice, search for more reviews online to know how satisfied customers are with this product.

Top 5 Bathroom Heater Models to Buy

After hours of tiring research, we’ve come up with the top bathroom heater models from the top sellers in the market. Go for the model that suits well with your bathroom’s finish and meets your heating needs. 

1.Holmes HFH436WGL-UM Digital Bathroom Heater Fan with Pre-Heat Timer and Max Heat Output

Bathroom Heater by Holmes
Holmes HFH436WGL-UM Bathroom Heater

This bathroom heater by holmes can also be used as a portable heater when you can’t mount it. From different heating types featured with this unit choose the one that meets your convenience.

This unit comes with a digital thermostat, digital clock and a timer hence making it more convenient to use and offer complete control. All of these features are integrated into the front of the heater so that you can see at a glance what settings the heater is using. 

Also, the preheat timer allows you to set the heater to warm up a little before you need to use the bathroom so that you don’t have to wait for the room to start getting warm.

The main drawback with this unit is that you can only choose one heat setting for this heater that is fixed at the 1500-watt output. You can still control the temperature of the room using the thermostat. You will get a 1-year warranty with this heater to give you complete peace of mind. 

Product Description

Item Dimension:10.3 x 12.8 x 8.2 inches

Item Weight: 3.3 Pounds


STIEBEL ELTRON Bathroom Heater

If you’re about to replace the wall heater for your bathroom or if you are installing a bathroom heater for the first time, this wall heater from Stiebel is a great choice. The surface-mounted design of this unit makes it easy to install without piercing on your walls. It features high quality and durable construction with nearly silent operation.

Though this unit is a little more expensive than some other models that you may find on the market today, enjoy more efficient heating and a longer lifespan. It is also highly energy-efficient and will save you a few bucks on your heating bills, especially when used as a supplemental heater.

You’ll be surprised at how powerful this space-saving heater is. Whether you need to supply warmth to your bathroom or your basement, the chances are that it will be more than adequate for the space that you need to heat. Different heating models are available with this unit. Set your bathroom heater to the lowest and economical setting to maintain comfortable warmth to your bathroom. 

Product Description

Item Dimension: 4.75 x 13.25 x 18.14 inches

Item Weight: 8lbs

3. Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

Bathroom Heater by Lasko
Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater

The Lasko CD08200 Bathroom Heater can produce 1500 watts of comforting warmth hence it will take the chill out of your bathroom or other space in your home. This unit comes with a compact and attractive design that can easily blend with any decor. A simple heat button is featured with this unit that can take the chill out of your bathroom with a simple tap. 

A high heat, low heat, and a simple heat button are featured with this unit to ensure convenient heating.  To ensure complete peace of mind while buying, this unit comes fully-assembled with a 3-year limited warranty.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 6 x 6 x 7.7 inches

Item Weight: 3.8 Pounds

4. Broan Wall Heater with Built-In Adjustable Thermostat

Bathroom Heater by Broan
Broan Bathroom Heater


This unit comes with a front-mounted thermostat that allows  you to easily control the bathroom temperature. The color-coordinated knob displays what setting the heater is on. 

Product Description

Item Dimension: 15.2 x 11.1 x 6.1 inches

Item Weight: 5.97 Pounds

5. NuTone Exhaust Fan and Heater Combo, 1300-Watts, 4.0 Sones, 70 CFM

  1. Bathroom Heater by NuTone
    NuTone Bathroom Heater


Waiting for a central heating system to do what NuTone can do instantly doesn’t make any sense. With a single touch, the heater provides powerful heat and ventilation. A 1300-watt heating element provides fast and powerful heat. Comfortable warmth is maintained in your space with the inbuilt fan that can evenly distribute warm air through your room. The blower efficiently exhausts stale air and moisture out of the bathroom atmosphere. Without using a central thermostat you can enjoy comforting warmth in your space. The NuTone bathroom heater delivers superior performance and excellent ventilation in a compact package.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 14.6 x 7.8 x 5.6 inches

Item Weight: 10 Pounds

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