Guide to Choose The Best Hepa Air Filter

Do you face issues with poor quality air in your home?

If you do, an air purifier with HEPA air filter technology would be a good choice.

A HEPA air filter used along with an air purifier has a number of benefits. In fact, about 90% of the contaminants are captured by normal air purifiers. So it is advised to buy an air purifier with a HEPA air filter for better quality air in your home indoors. It removes 99.97% of contaminants from the air and is ideal for asthma sufferers.

But, do you know that HEPA air filters can not only eliminate seasonal allergy issues but also have an impact on getting you a quality night sleep and your ability to concentrate.

Most air purifier manufacturers in the market today claim that they use HEPA materials that can clean a certain percentage of contaminants from the air. However, only a few models that can actually clean the air efficiently and make it completely safe to breathe.

After hours of research, we’ve come up with few bestselling and top-rated HEPA air filter models that are worth buying. Go for a model that can meet your preferences and suitable for your space from our handpicked collection below.

Top 5 Hepa Air Filter Models

Chose the best model that suits well with your indoors and match your preferences. We’ve reviewed a handpicked collection of HEPA air filter models from the top sellers in the market.

1. LEVOIT LV-H132 Purifier with True HEPA air filter

True HEPA Air Filter by LEVOIT

LEVOIT Hepa Air Filter


This 100% ozone-free HEPA air filter is designed in California by LEVOIT. This unit does not use UV or ions which produce a trace amount of harmful ozone. This filter can remove pollutants larger than 0.3 microns and removes 99.97 % of dust, pollen, smoke and pet dander with the featured 3 filtration system having a pre-filter, a true HEPA air filter, and a carbon filter.

Use this HEPA air filter in different conditions and different spaces with its 3-speed setting (high, low and medium). To ensure a peaceful night sleep, this HEPA air filter has a whisper-quiet operation and a gentle night light with 2 brightness settings.

The unique and contemporary size of this unit makes it suitable for any sized rooms and office spaces. It is recommended to replace the air filter once in 6 months and maybe sooner or later depending on the air quality of your area.

Product Description

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 14.5 x 8.5 inches

Item Weight: 6.42 Pounds

2. NATURALIFE Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Air Filter


NATURALIFE Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Breath fresh air with this HEPA air filter with 4 stage filtration system with a washable pre-filter, HEPA filter, negative ion system to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. The negative Ions boost filtering power and freshen the air by attaching to floating contaminants such as dust, pet dander, pollen, and smoke.

This unit is great for large and medium rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or even office space of size up to 376 sq ft and can purify 246m3 of air per hour.

The smart air monitoring feature of this unit works with an advanced sensor that continually analyzes ambient air quality and controls filtration speeds accordingly. The inbuilt LED display of this unit shows indoor air quality.

Three filtration speeds(high, low and medium) depending on your needs and the environment along with the night mode option, whisper-quiet operation and a featured low light ensures a perfect night sleep. NATURALIFE has made excellent security and user-friendly features with this unit. It has a 1/4/8/12 hours timers and filters replacement alert making it very user-friendly unit. The child lock feature that comes with this unit makes it stand out from its competitors and makes it an ideal HEPA air filter for homes with small kids and infants.

Product Description

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 8.3 x 20.6 inches

Item Weight: 13.5 Pounds

Voltage: 120V-60Hz

Power: 45Watt

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 246m³/h

Suitable Spaces: 269-376sq.ft (25-35m2)

3. TruSens DuPont with 360° HEPA Air Filter System

DuPoint HEPA Air Filter by TRUSENS

TRUSENS DuPoint HEPA Air Filter


This HEPA air filter features remote sensor pods that can sense pollutants away from the purifier and it communicates with the purifier to alter its performance depending on the environment. This effective hepa air filter displays air quality of your home from good, moderate, poor scales. Have a good night sleep ensuring the  breath quality of air in your home.

The puredirect proprietary technology of this unit splits clean air into two air streams delivering purified air more comfortably and efficiently throughout your room.

360-degree DuPont filtration featured with this unit captures pollutants such as allergens, VOC gases, and microscopic particles.

UltraViolet sterilization destroys germs and viruses that can build up on the filter.

This HEPA air filter by TruSens has an excellent user-friendly design with simple touch controls for all the important functions including auto-mode, fan speed controls, auto timer, night mode, and filter replacement indicators.

Product Description

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.6 x 25.4 inches

Item Weight: 12.21 Pounds

4. Keenstone Air Purifier With HEPA Air Filter 

5 Speed HEPA Air Filter by Keenstone

Keenstone 5 Speed HEPA Air Filter

The Keenstone HEPA air filter features 3 stage filtration system consisting of a prefilter, a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter removing 99.97% of impurities like dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, etc from your indoors. This unit is 100% ozone-free and can be operated in 5 fan speeds depending upon various air conditions.

The sleep mode can be used when you need peace of mind that is the air purifier operates whisper quietly. A turbo mode is also featured with this unit to enable maximum air cleaning. This unit comes with a replaceable filter and has indicator lights that flash to remind you of filter replacement after more than 2000 hours of working. The compact and contemporary design makes it ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and office spaces.

The LED indicator light can be used as a gentle night light which can be turned on with a single touch.

Product Description

Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches

Item Weight: 5.65 Pounds

5. Honeywell True Hepa Air Filter HPA030B

True HEPA Air Purifier HPA030B by HONEYWELL


Make your indoor air up to 99.97% pure with the Honeywell Hepa air filter that can capture pollutants 0.3 microns and larger. This unit features 3 air cleaning levels with one touch LED electronic controls.

Ensuring safe and efficient operation, this unit features an LED indicator light. This unit is ideal for medium to large rooms of a size up to 170 sq ft.

Product Description

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.5 x 26 inches

Item Weight: 10 Pounds

Best Moisture Absorber to Choose

Almost everything in our home’s needs to preserve its dry state to maintain its condition. Moisture is an important aspect to consider when it comes to preserving the condition of your food items, your household components and even the condition of your clothes. Keeping this excess moisture in control mold and mildew can be prevented. When it comes to breathing fresh air, keeping in control of the excess moisture is an important factor. Always keep the damp areas of your house, such as your kitchen, bathroom and your basement in lower moisture levels.

A moisture absorber can be used to control the moisture levels in your spaces.

Different types of moisture absorbers are available in the market. Their main function is to keep the moisture at levels at bay.

Types of Moisture Absorbers

There are three common types of moisture absorbers used today. Each having its unique properties which can be used for different absorption purposes.

1. Silica Gel

This moisture absorber is made of sodium silicate. It is the solid form of silica produced in beaded or granular form. Silica gel has a strong and attractive effect on water molecules. Silica gel is a poisonous substance and it should not be ingested. Manufacturer’s usually place a warning on its outer cover. Silica gel has a strong absorbing nature when placed in room temperature. It may give the absorbed water when exposed to a temperature equal to or greater than 40-degree Celsius. Since silica gel is more expensive, they are not usually used in large areas such as basements or kitchen.

2. Clay Absorbers

Clay absorbers are the cheap alternative to absorbing moisture in your space. It is not recommended for heavily humid areas because its absorption property is very low. Coal, charcoal and rough gravel are alternatives for clay absorbers.

3. Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is a mixture of calcium and chlorine. It is perhaps the best moisture absorber. It has a very high absorbent property that makes it suitable for high humidity moisture-absorbent requirements. For humid areas such as your basements, kitchens, cabinets and other spaces calcium chloride does provide effective moisture absorption. An electric fan can be used to make the dehumidifying effect of the compound a lot faster and widespread.

Top Moisture Absorbers

If you’ve no idea about choosing the right moisture absorber for your space, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you through.

After days of tiring research, we’ve come with a few moisture absorber variants to choose from. Here you go:

1. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Natural Air Purifier by MOSO

MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bags

The moisture absorber from moso is the most popular product from our listing. It also uses other natural ways to absorb moisture from the environment. The moisture absorber comes with a convenient packet. Ever faced an unidentified smell in your home? This may be of wasted food that has molded somewhere. Prevent this from happening with an efficient moisture absorber like this. This unit is very easy to use and convenient to install anywhere in your home or office. With the help of this moisture absorber, you can maintain a fresh, dry and odor-free space.

This product is non-toxic since it is made of completely natural materials and components. It is completely chemical-free and has no fragrance.

This moisture absorber can absorb all allergens and pollutants which can cause drastic problems to you and your families health. The moisture absorber unit lasts for almost 2 years and can keep the air around you fresh and odorless.

Product Description

Item weight: 1.76 lbs

Item size: 4 Packs

2. DampRid FG80FF Fragrance-Free Hanging Moisture Absorber

Dampride moisture absorber

DAMPRID FG80FF Moisture Absorber

You’d probably encounter a lot from this brand while searching for a moisture absorber. This is a widely known product for its efficient moisture absorption property to have a fresh and clean environment. No longer endure the smell of humid air, the smell of washed clothes and mold house when you have this product. Each pack lasts for almost 60 days. The price might be high compared to the charcoal moisture absorber but when it comes to efficiency, it’s worth the price. There are also other scents available with this product. Now, proudly invite your dear ones to your home when you have a fresh and odor-free environment with this moisture absorber.

Product Description

Item weight: 1.06 Pounds

Item dimensions: 36 x 1.4 x 9.2 inches


3. Absorbent Industries Dry-Packs 3gm Cotton Silica Gel Packet

Silica gel moisture absorber


Silica gel like this have high absorbent property, but they come in small packets. You may have noticed these types of packets in your shoes, bags and other household items. Another good part about silica gel is that they are non-toxic. Silica gel has a strong attraction towards water molecules and hence can effectively absorb all the moisture inside the container where you place it. It’s always a good idea to place the silica gel packet in a container in which you want to maintain a dry environment. Unlike the smaller packets you see in your pack of medications and other items, it comes in larger 3gm packs which are enough to keep an area of your house dry. These packs are can efficiently preserve stored food. The price of silica moisture absorber packets is slightly higher than the other types.

Product Description

Item weight: 3.2 Ounces

Item dimensions: 6 x 10 x 0.2 inches

4. VITCHELO Bamboo Charcoal Bag

VITCHELO moisture absorbing bags


This reasonable price product can effectively keep your air fresh, clean and odor-free. Each unit contains charcoal which is a natural moisture absorber. This odor remover is a perfect gift that you can give to someone who’ll be having a housewarming party. It’s also a great product that you can use in your household. You can also use this bag to keep your gym bags clean-smelling. With this product, you can steer clear from being branded as a stinky person.  

Another great feature about this product is it’s all-natural, green and there are no toxic chemicals in this. This is 100% reusable and the use of sustainable products like this does no harm to our environment. Each bag has a lifetime of almost two years, which is amazing. You don’t have to purchase lots of moisture absorber units when you choose an all-natural and efficient product like this one. It’s very easy to use and is not harmful to your health. Not only is this good for the environment, your health and your house, it’s also good for your pocket.

Product Description

Item weight: 6.4 Ounces

Item dimensions: 7.9 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches

5. DampRid FG50T Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber

damprid moisture absorber


The last product on our list is another DampRid product. This is the Hi-Capacity Moisture absorber product that’s made for use in larger rooms such as your basement, bathroom, kitchen and other humid areas inside your house. You can keep large areas inside your home dry and avoid getting moisture damage. This is great to be used for boats, RVs, in your basements as well as crawlspaces inside your house or other establishments. What’s great about this product is it can lock moisture effectively. Eliminating excess moisture in the air, mold, and microorganisms won’t have a medium where they can proliferate.

With this product, you can solve the unhealthy problems of your household easily. This product comes in a spill-resistant package that you can confidently use inside your home. This product is composed of calcium chloride which is known as the best moisture absorber ever. This is a kind of salt that efficiently absorb excess moisture and keep the air clean. Be careful about children and pets getting near this. It’s toxic and shouldn’t be ingested.

Product Description

Item weight: 4.7 Pounds

Item dimensions: 9 x 9 x 7 inches


Activated Carbon Air Filter


Sensing some foul smells around your households?

Your grow room can often be the culprit.

The disgusting odor from the grow rooms are a huge concern for growers who live in a lightly congested area or apartment buildings.

Don’t give your noisy neighbors a chance to complain about your grow room.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about before choosing an activated carbon air filter.

What is an Activated Carbon Air Filter?

How do they work?

Activated carbon air filters are small pieces of carbon typically in powdered or granular form. They are treated to be extremely porous and so immense that just one gram off activated carbon can have a surface area of  500m2 or even higher.

The vast surface area of activated carbon enables them to absorb exponentially more amount of allergens and contaminants than normal carbon.

Adsorption is the process where organic compounds and other contaminants in air or water react chemically with the activated carbon causing them to stick to the filter.

The filters thus effectively remove hazardous compounds.

What to look for in an Activated Carbon Air Filter?

However, it’s not that easy to choose the right carbon filter considering the abundance of option available in the market.

Considering the factors below you can narrow up your selection process.

1.  Carbon Thickness

The thicker the carbon, the adsorption rate will be greater. The carbon filter will be more effective in removing odors when the carbon in it is thicker. You should expect a higher price for the thicker once since it offers higher efficiency.

2. Pre-filter

Carbon filters often come packaged with pre-filters that are placed outside the carbon filter. This pre-filters prevents particles like dust from entering the carbon filter. This pre-filter can thus improve the life span of the carbon filter and other parts of the appliance.


The compact models are more efficient in absorbing odor and smell and converting them into carbon granules. This model produces less noise and vibration comparing to its competitors. If you love portable gadgets, have a look at our complete guide to buying a rechargeable battery fan


It’s always not a good idea to go for a cheaper one while looking for a carbon filter. A better life span could be expected for an expensive one. The sturdy carbon filters have higher performance and their maintenance is lighter compared to other models.

Top Recommended Activated Carbon Filters

After fare research, we’ve landed on a few handpicked activated carbon air filters from the top sellers in the market. A detailed review and specification are provided to ease up your purchase process.

1. Phresh Filter 701003 Inline Filter, 4 in x 12 in | 200 CFM

Activated carbon air filter PHRESH 701003


The Phresh filter 701003 is the most expensive one of all the products reviewed in this post. Yet it’s proven quality makes it our #1 activated carbon air filter.

Each fresh filter will come with a pre-filter, which is essentially a washable polyester screen that keeps particulate matter from getting into the carbon and clogging it up.

Compared to other competing models, the Phresh Filter is lightweight and has an open air mesh design that maximizes airflow.

Ensuring that the carbon filter has an improved lifespan, handling, and presentation, each filter is sealed, bagged, boxed, and labeled immediately after it’s made.

Although it is more expensive than other models on this list, it comes with extra features that help prevent dust from accumulating in your grow room.

The Phresh filter offers a wide range of size selection so that you can find the one that will suit your application.

While this carbon filter is handy and convenient to use, there are some complaints about the battery covering wobbling when in use.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 7.9 x 8 x 14 inches

Item Weight: 7.35 Pounds


2. iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Air Filter by IPOWER

IPOWER 4 inch Activated Carbon Air Filter

The iPower Carbon Filter uses the Australian RC 412 Activated Carbon that absorbs and traps pollutant molecules efficiently from the air.

This method removes not only odors but also mold, mildew, and other unhealthy contaminants, keeping your grow room super clean.

It also comes with a pre-filter, which can keep your carbon clean.

A vibration table is utilized during the packing to maximize the amount of carbon in the filter while also minimizing movement during shipping.

The flange and the base are also reversible so that you can remove both to reverse the charcoal canister. This allows you to flip the filter body upside-down for better longevity. The top and the base is made of sturdy, lightweight powder-coated aluminum that ensures longevity.

The open-air mesh design also allows for maximum airflow along with cleaning capability. The manufacturer also claims that this product comes with a 53% open area for airflow so you use it either as an intake filter or an exhaust filter.

In addition, it features two poly-cotton pre-filters are included for initial large contaminant removal before air hits your carbon.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 8 x 8 x 13 inches

Item Weight: 6 Pounds


3. Amagabeli 4 inch Activated Carbon Air Filter

Activated Carbon Air Filter by AMAGABELI


It is one of the best-rated carbon filters on the market.

It has an efficient capability to clean you grow room of foul odors, foreign particles, dust, and other organic compounds, thanks to the machine packed Australian Virgin Charcoal used for its manufacturing.

The Amagabeli 4 inch Carbon Filter has washable pre-filters and elastic bands that can easily be mounted around carbon filter.

The inner and outer mesh is made of Aluminum which increases the airflow, thus making it the perfect equipment to use.

The Carbon Filter comes with a charcoal design that ensures appropriate absorption of air molecules to ensure lifelong usage.

Customers are pleased with the filter’s quality and lifetime comparing with its competitors.

Since the unit is heavy duty some users found it a bit heavier.

It makes growing basil, sage, thyme, and other herbs indoor easier and can help you keep your entire operation simple without troubling others.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 13.4 x 7 x 4 inches

Item Weight: 8.6 Pounds

4.  VIVOSUN 4 Inch Activated Carbon Air Filter for Odor Control

Activated Carbon Air Filter by VIVOSUN


The pre-filter wrapped around the VIVOSUN 4 Inch Activated Carbon Air Filter ensures that clean air is produced from the unit.

This helps to prolong the usable life of the carbon charcoal inside the unit. It can handle up to 500 CFM and many users have successfully used it with 4” inline fan.

And while this is the 4” version, variants of 6” and 8” are also available if you want a larger size.  The galvanized steel and high-quality charcoal built make it useful as an intake filter or exhaust filter. It comes with good instruction on how to install it in different ways.

It features a reversible base and flange as well as the filter belts to support the carbon inside your grow tent.

While it’s an affordable option among the carbon filters in this list, we have determined that it has an excellent quality based on the overall performance and reviews from its users.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 15 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches

Item Weight: 7.7 Pounds

Air Purifier With Washable Filter

Are you looking for an air purifier with a washable filter?

If so, then keep reading.

We exactly provide what you need.

As you probably have already discovered, there is a wide variety of air cleaners on the market today but most of them don’t use washable filters(reusable filters).

Filters get clogged from dirt and debris over time and can affect its working.

Fortunately, there are some air purifiers with washable filters that you can buy which don’t cost too much to maintain. These are air purifiers with permanent filters and are reusable for the life of the product and never need to be replaced.

Different types of air conditioners with washable filters are available in the market, some are worth buying and while few models can be a waste of time. But all air purifiers with washable filters are easy to maintain and sometimes they even work better than air purifiers with a replaceable filter. Washing the filters regularly can produce quality air in the rooms to an extent, and that is the best advantage of the air purifier with washable filter.

Main Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier

1. What do you need?

Before choosing an air purifier, first of all, consider your indoor air quality needs. Air purifiers with a washable filter are good to choose if you are thinking economically. Air purifier models called HEPA filters or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters which are proven to eliminate 99.97 % common airborne allergens which are sized at 0.3 microns and larger.


2. Filter Efficiency

The efficiency of an air purifier is measured by the particle size being captured.

3.  What features do u need?

After considering these factors, think of any special features you may need. Additional features can include caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, digital controls, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, filter change indicators, programmable timers, air quality sensors, etc.. These additional features can add convenience to operation and give you greater and easier control over your air purifier’s performance.

4.  Noise Level


5.  Clean Air Delivery rate


Top recommended air purifiers with washable filter

1. Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2

Air Purifier With Filter by WINIX

WINIX PLASMAWAVE 5500-2 Air Purifier With Washable Filter

The Winix PlasmaWave 5500-2 operates on a 3-stage purification process that includes a True HEPA filter (can capture 99.97% of airborne pollutants), a washable carbon filter, and PlasmaWave technology. The PlasmaWave acts as a permanent filter to safely break down the odor, allergens, chemical vapors and other pollutants producing no harmful ozone. Covering areas up to 360 sq. ft. in size, it’s a great all-around option offering a number of robust features. 

4 Fan Speeds

With 4 settings you can manually set the speed to exactly what you want(Low, Medium, High, and Turbo).

Smart Sensors & Auto Mode

The Smart Sensors consistently monitors the air around it. The LED indicator displays the quality on a scale of good to poor (1-3). When the unit senses the quality change, it automatically adjusts the speed at which it’s running to equalize the pollutants and produce clean, pure air.

LED Auto Dim Feature

With that thought in mind, they enabled the auto-dim feature; which senses the amount of ambient light in the room and adjusts the brightness of the display.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 15 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches

Item Weight: 15.4 Pounds

Covers up to 360 sq ft


2. Envion Therapure TPP240

Air Purifier With Washable Filter by ENVION

ENVION THERAPURE TPP240 Air Purifier With Filter

This formidable air purifier from Envion combines several attractive features with an even more attractive price tag. It improves air quality using a permanent HEPA-type filter, a photocatalyst filter, and an ionizer. Compatible for rooms that are up to 500 sq. ft. in the area.   TPP240 is one of the strong air purifiers on the market. The filters used in this unit can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. 


Triple action purification system.

Patented hemispheric HEPA type filter removes smoke, pollen,  dust, the UV germicidal light kills airborne bacteria and germs and the photocatalyst filter reduces harmful toxic paint, carpet fumes, and other household chemicals. It includes a 3-speed fan, uv/voc on/off button, 24-hour timer, clean filter indicator and easy to read digital display.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 7.9 x 26.1 x 9.6 inches

Covers up to 500 sq ft


3. Honeywell QuietClean Tower HFD-120-Q

HONEYWELL Air Purifier With Filter

HONEYWELL QUIET CLEAN TOWER HFD-120-Q Air Purifier With Washable Filter



Product Description

Product Dimension: 28.7 x 11.2 x 10 inches

Item Weight: 14.5 Pounds

Covers up to 170 sq ft


4. Blue Pure 211+

Air purifier with filter by BLUE PURE

BLUE PURE 211+ Air Purifier With Washable Filter


The Blue Pure 211+ purifies 99% of the air through a pre-filter and a combined particle + carbon filter. With the user-friendly one-button control you can easily select from 3 different fan speeds. The washable pre-filter used with this unit can be a long term saving. It has the best CADR ratings on this list and its 540 sq. ft. coverage area makes it ideal for large spaces.


Its outer cover doubles as a pre-filter for larger particles while a combination filter takes care of things on the inside. Get rid of everyday smells such as food and pet odors naturally without harsh chemicals. The particle filter isn’t HEPA, but it still appears to do a respectable job in that particular area. Filtering air from all sides, millions of ultra-thin fibers of different layers make it less dense than ordinary filters resulting in less clogging, higher airflow, and noise.

Note that only the pre-filter is washable. As such, the combination filter still has to be regularly replaced after its capacity has been exceeded. It may not be as low-maintenance as the other models mentioned above. Its one-button operation makes it a simpler vibe. This is a pretty solid model after all, with CADR ratings for smoke, pollen, and dust. 

Product Description

Product Dimension: 13 x 13 x 20.4 inches

Item Weight: 13 Pounds

Covers up to 540 sq ft

5. Honeywell AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner/Odor Reducer 250 sq. ft.

Air Purifier With Washable Filter by HONEYWELL


This unit by honeywell is built with five different levels of cleaning.

The AirGenius 5 Air Cleaner features QuietClean advanced filtration technology that captures 99.9 percent of contaminating particles. They include both the ones you can see and the microscopic ones as small as 0.3 microns that you can’t see. It is compatible for rooms up to 250 sq. ft.. Offers five air cleaning levels with easy-tap touch-sensitive controls. You choose from SLEEP (almost silent operation), GERM (for cold flu season), GENERAL Cleaning, ALLERGEN (for peak allergen season) or MAX Cleaning Power, depending on your air cleaning needs. It operates quietly, easy to clean, permanent honeycomb style filter. No need to replace it, just wash it four times a year.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 9.9 x 9.7 x 26.8 inches

Item Weight: 20 Pounds

Covers up to 250 sq ft

Guide to Choose The Right Air Ionizer


Looking for the best air ionizer?

You’re in the right place!

In this post, we will help you choose the best air ionizer you can buy.

An air ionizer will be a perfect decision for those who suffer from allergies and people thinking about effective air purifying in their apartments.

Pointing out the positive aspects of air purifiers won’t help you make the best decision. So, we shared not only features and advantages, but also the disadvantages of best air ionizers in 2018 that you may want to consider.

Air ionizers are devices that generate negative ions and add electrical charges to the air molecules in a room. These ionizers purify the air in your home by attracting and capturing bacteria and other particles in the atmosphere such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and other non-hygienic, unpleasant particles, causing them to stick to the floor or other surfaces where they can be vacuumed up and removed. You’ll be shocked at how much easier it is to breathe with one of these things in your house they also help neutralize odors to boot.

How does an Air Ionizer Work?

Let’s briefly go through the functioning of an air ionizer.

When a necessary voltage is applied to a series of inbuilt needles, the ionizer discharges a stream of electrons into the air. These electrons attach to the air molecules forming negatively-charged ions. The negative ions then attract positively-charged dust particles, dander, allergens, etc. in the air forming a cluster. The cluster then becomes heavier and either fall to the surface or is easily sucked into the air ionizer and gets collected in the filter. The filters can be cleaned or replaced when needed.

5 Things to Remember Before Buying an Air Ionizer

With no industry standards in place in India, consumers are at the mercy of the brands. Prices of air ionizers can range from anywhere between Rs 8,000 and Rs 1 lakh. There are many factors to consider before buying an air ionizer.

It is very important to go through the specifications of each model and not blindly believe the sales executive. This buying guide aims to help you make the best decision.

1.Particle Removing Capability

Particle removing capability vary in the different type of air ionizers. Some air ionizers are more effective than others in trapping the different sizes of airborne particles. Air ionizers with HEPA filters are good at collecting allergens and other fine particles.

2. Removal of Chemicals & Smoke

Not all air ionizer brands are good at getting rid of cigarette smoke, chemicals, and unpleasant odors. It will be better to check for activated carbon air ionizers to tackle with the smoke and odor problem.3. Coverage

It’s important to check the area that an air ionizer can cover. A standard ionizer can effectively cover an area up to 300 square feet. There are different models that can cover greater areas. Before buying an air ionizer you will have to measure the square footage of your room. Depending upon the area needed to be covered, you can either choose a unit that can be placed on the floor or be mounted on a shelf, wall or a counter.

3.Price and Maintenance Expenses

The price of an air ionizer is an important factor to consider. You may want to choose an affordable as well as an effective model at the same time. The replacement cost of filters is also another determining factor. By knowing what the replacement is, you can figure out the total lifetime cost for the unit.

4.Energy Consumption

Some units consume more power than the others depending on the air ionizer technology. Before choosing a model, check for its power consumption.  Standard power-saving air ionizers use about 40 watts of power.

5. Noise

Most air ionizers run smoothly in the room without disturbing the quietness of the surroundings. However, some high power units make noise while drawing greater volumes of air. Check for the amount of noise produced before selecting the ionizer so that you do not spoil the peace of your home.

Top Air Ionizers to Buy in 2018

If you’re looking forward to purchasing an air ionizer to purify your air, check out the following top recommended air ionizer reviews to discover the best air ionizers from the current market.

1.One Earth Health Ionic Ozone Air Purifier

air ionizer by ONE EARTH HEALTH


The  One Earth Health air ionizer is extremely powerful with its new technology which claims 98% purification. Featuring an adjustable ozone output between fifteen and fifty milligrams per hour. This output allows the ionizer to purify up to 330 sq ft at one-time operation. The ionizer is also very quiet and is a non-disruptive device to have in your home.

The ionizer is specially designed to kill germs that cause dangerous diseases. This air ionizer purifies as well as deodorizes the air. It can remove allergen particles like mold from the air. It can also eliminate odors, including smoke, perfume, musty air, and any other unpleasant smells that commonly accumulate within a home.

Product Description

Product dimension:  5.1 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches

Item Weight:  Ounces

Suitable for: area up to 330 sq ft

2.Envion Ionic Air Purifier

ENVION ionic air ionizer


The Envion Ionic Pro air ionizer provides completely silent air purification for your home. This ionizer is designed to undergo whisper-quiet operation and is claimed to purify 99.9% of the air without making any noise in order to provide you with fresh, clean air to breathe. Hence, you don’t have to worry about introducing an unfamiliar, disruptive appliance into your peaceful home. The ionizer functions to remove allergen particles from the air in your home. It can eliminate potential allergens and irritants such as dust, pollen, mold, and more. The ionizer is very energy-efficient, amazingly it uses less energy than a single compact fluorescent lightbulb.

Easy To Clean

It features a front-loading collection blade that makes cleaning up a breeze and you’ll never have to replace a filter.

Sleek Design

It comes with a sleek tower design that makes it perfect for medium and large rooms at home or the office (up to 500 sq feet).

Product Description

Product dimension: 7.5 x 28.5 x 9.5 inches

Item Weight: 7.8 Pounds

Suitable for: area up to 500 sq ft

3. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Purifier and Air Ionizer -Purifies Up to 3,500 Sq/Ft

Air ionizer and purifier for upto 3500 sq ft by IVATION


Enjoy a refreshing, mood-lifting effect at home with the Ozone Air ionizer and purifier by Ivation. Unlike a simple filter, this 2-in-1 ionizer and odor remover achieve multiple air effects for an incredibly breathable space up to 3,500 square feet. Ivation’s latest 300B model requires only less power and features a quieter fan, better ion quality, and stronger output than the competition. Switch on the ionizer and experience significantly better air quality as negative ions latch onto and expel harmful airborne particles. 

Meanwhile, the unit’s separate ozone generator pumps activated oxygen into the room to get rid of foul odors from food, mold, chemicals, and more. With its cherry wood and stainless steel construction, this small but mighty purifier is ready to complement any room in your home. Enjoy the pure sensation of natural breathe all day. You’ve got to breathe it to believe it.

Product Description

Product dimension: 12.5 x 11 x 15 inches

Item Weight: 12 lbs

Suitable for: area up to 3500 sq ft


4.Best Choice Air Ionizer

air ionizer BEST CHOICE


The Best Choice air ionizer is both fashionable functional. It is crafted from gorgeous solid cherry-colored wood and stainless steel. The unique design helps it blend seamlessly into any decor of your home without being an eyesore.

The ionizer is designed to remove both allergens and odors from your home using its negative ion generator. It can eliminate dust, pollen, and any other harmful particles that are floating around the air in your home. This allergen elimination helps restore freshness and cleanliness to the air your breath.

Product Description

Product dimension: 12.5 x 11 x 15 inches

Item Weight: 12 Pounds

Suitable for: area up to 3500 sq ft

5.Enerzen Air Ionizer

ENERZEN air ionizer


The Enerzen Air Ionizer is specifically designed for commercial or industrial-grade usage, this device is extremely powerful and effective in cleaning and purifying the air in your home. It is designed as an ionizer and deodorizer so that the ionizer is ready to eliminate any unpleasant smells, including cigarette smoke, painting fumes, must, and more, from your home. It covers up to 3500 square feet of area in your space efficiently.

The ionizer is also designed to eliminate, prevent, and control mold growth in your home. It eliminates airborne mold, mildew, and fungus particles from the air to restore hygiene, safety, and balance to the air in your home.

Energy-Conscious Design

It is designed for ultra-low energy usage. Durable metal casing will keep this purifier clean for years.

Timer Function with HOLD Feature

It allows you to control the length of purification time. Portable and low maintenance design.

Product Description

Product dimension: 12.5 x 11 x 15 inches

Item Weight: 12 Pounds

Best Air Purifier for Allergies

Do you have seasonal or year-round allergies and looking for a solid way to get relief?

Are you tired of relying on costly medicine to get you throughout the allergy season?

If so, then you’re not alone.

We know that pollution rates are increasing day by day.  Air purifiers have emerged as one of the saviors to fight the increasing complications due to air pollution. Every year, the risk of rising in health-related issues increases, especially in the major cities. While outdoor air pollution leads to serious health problems, indoor pollution is much more harmful than that. According to WHO, about 4.3 million people die from being exposed to household air pollution.

To control this, several companies have devised air purifiers which can improve indoor air quality. Seeing the rise in demand, most of the big brands have started making air purifiers of different specifications and price range.  But, before you make a purchase, it’s necessary to look at some important factors like room size, filter replacement charges, standard certification, noise levels, electricity consumption, etc.

When you are about to buy an air purifier, make sure it uses a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. This type of filter qualifies certain standards set by the United States Department of Energy.  The ability to remove 99.97% of tiny (0.3 micrometers or bigger) airborne particles.  Doctors say this type of filter is extremely effective at removing any airborne allergens. They are recommended to keep on at all times in order to reach its full air-cleaning potential. Also make sure to replace the filter as often as the manufacturer suggests, usually every six months to two years.

So, in this piece, we have listed some of the best air purifiers which you can use to stay void of such vulnerabilities.

Things to Consider While Buying an Air Purifier

  1. What do you need?

When choosing an air purifier, first of all, consider your indoor air quality needs. Like, if you have allergies, you should choose air filters specially designed for allergy relief.  Air purifier models called HEPA filters or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters which are proven to eliminate 99.97 % common airborne allergens which are sized at 0.3 microns and larger.

  1. Filter Efficiency

The efficiency of an air purifier is measured by the particle size being captured.  The best capture size is 0.3 microns or smaller . Most of the bacterias  are sized in between 0.3 to 5 microns.


  1.  What features do u need?

After choosing the type of air purifier you need, consider whether or not you need any special features.  Additional features can include caster wheels, handles for easy mobility, digital controls, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, filter change indicators, programmable timers, air quality sensors, etc.. These additional features can add convenience to the operation and give you greater as well as easier control over your air purifier’s performance.

  1.  Noise Level

Operating noise can be a big concern while operating for a whole day. Most air purification manufacturers list a decibel rating for each of their air purifiers fan speed. The chart below gives you an idea for the level of sound an air purifier will make based on its decibel measurement.

10 dB – Breathing

20 dB – Falling Leaves

30 dB – Whisper

40 dB – Raindrops

50 dB – Average Home

60 dB – Normal Conversation

70 dB – Vacuum Cleaner


  1.  Clean Air Delivery rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is a standard measurement of the total volume of air that and air purifier can purify from a specific pollutant in an  hour. A higher CADR indicates efficient air cleaning.

The Top 5 Air Purifiers for Allergies

Now you know what to look for in an air purifier, we’ll list below the top five air purifiers specially designed for allergy issues. These devices continue to top the charts with customer reviews and include the most important features necessary to help with allergy symptoms.

#1 Mi Air Purifier 2S (White)

Air Purifier for allergies by MI

MI 2S Air Purifier For Allergies

Mi Air Purifier 2S comes with an ultra-clear OLED display and the Mi Home App can be used to remotely control your purifier from anywhere, set auto on and know the air quality and filter status. The display also shows temperature and humidity levels.

The Purifier is meticulously designed to reduce noise while it cleans your air. In sleep mode, the sound produced is very low, so that your sleep is not disturbed. Its display brightness is also adjusted with ambient light.

High-Precision Laser Sensor

The highly accurate Particulate Matter (PM) sensor detects particles as small as 0.3μm and instantly displays it on the OLED screen.

Efficient Tower-Structure Design

The classic tower-structure, proven effective by two generations of air purifiers, ensures maximum efficiency while keeping a compact design.

Purifies Your Room in 10 Mins

The innovative air pressurization design allows the Purifier to provide fast and powerful air purification without taking up too much space. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m³/h, it can effectively clean air in a space of up to 37m². You can clean a room 21m², 2.4m high in 10 min.

3-Layer Filtration for Maximum Purification

The outer layer is specialized in removing large airborne particles like hair and dust

The middle layer is about H11-grade filtration technology. This layer catches harmful bacterias and removes micron-sized particles.

The inner layer, made of high quality activated carbon, removes formaldehyde, odors and harmful substances.

Product Description

Wattage: 4.8-29 watts

Coverage area: 400 sq. ft. / 37 sq. meters

#2 Blueair Classic 280i


Air purifier for allergies by BLUEAIR CLASSIC 280i


Meant for room sizes of 280 sq. ft., the unique feature purifier is the presence of an air quality sensor that speeds up the fans automatically whenever it detects a drop in the air quality of the room. Apart from that, the Classic 280i purifies the air using their patented HEPA Silent technology. It has a smart panel on top which displays the Wi-Fi connectivity, fan speed status, filter status and the air quality of the room and VOC levels. The Blueair Friend app will let you control all the modes remotely without touching the purifier. You can also monitor the air quality of your room in real-time and accordingly set the fan speed.


The Blueair Classic 280i is slim, lightweight and easy to move around your home

LED icons

In addition,  it features the easy-to-read LED icons to let you see the status of your air purifier’s Wi-Fi connection, operating speed and filter status.

Product Description

Product dimension: 53 x 44 x 21 cm

Item weight: 10 Kg

Coverage area: 130 sq ft

#3 Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

VAX PURE AIR 300 air purifier for allergies


The cylindrical Air Purifier is attractive in glossy white plastic and is easy enough to be placed. It has a HEPA filter – designed which lasts three to six months, depending on usage – and an ionization option. The purifier’s front panel is dominated by simple touch controls that let you power on the purifier, control the fan speed, use the timer, and toggle the ionizer function. These options are also available on the slim-line remote control.

The big indicator light on the front changes color to display the current air quality, moving from green through amber to red. At minimum fan speed, I found the purifier ran at 35.9dB and a more intrusive 62.1dB at max. The night mode cuts the status lights and drops fan speed to a lower level, with the sound falling to a quiet 33.4dB. Although it was still audible, you could easily sleep through its low-level noise. Power efficiency is excellent, with max power drawing a peak of 53.8W, and the minimum setting just 7.2W

Most people will find it easiest to run the Purifier in automatic mode, with the device choosing the best fan speed to deal with current air conditions. Still, there’s a timer option – hourly increments between one and eight hours – if you want the purifier to power down.

Regarding effectiveness, the purifier has high CADR ratings. If you want a powerful all-rounder, this is the model to buy, and it’s suitable for rooms of up to 120m2.

Product Description

Coverage area: 120 sqft

Item weight: 8.5 Kg


#4 Philips Air Purifier Anti-Allergen



Most of the air purifiers are rather drab-looking, but Philips has gone all-out with its Air Purifier Anti-Allergen with NanoProtect Filter AC3256/30. It looks great. Tall yet relatively thin, this air purifier is easy to tuck out of the way. It has a particulate matter (PM) sensor.

This model comes with two filters. There’s a NanoProtect filter that reduces odors and can filter some VOCs; it lasts for up to 12 months. Then there’s the HEPA filter, which lasts for around 24 months. Thankfully, the purifier notifies when both filters need replacing; if you don’t do the job within 14 days, the entire machine locks down to avoid damage.

All controls are accessed from the top, using the touch-sensitive panel. Unfortunately, there’s no remote control. Parents will be pleased to discover that there’s a child lock, stopping little hands from activating the device. From the control panel, you can choose the fan speed, set the timer (in one-hour increments between one and 24 hours), and adjust the brightness of the controls.

If you want a super-quiet air purifier or a model that’s designed for pollen and allergies, then this is the model to buy. It’s suitable for room sizes up to 95m2. The Vax Pure Air 300 is slightly cheaper and a better all-rounder, but it doesn’t look quite as nice and it’s louder too.

High CADR ratings in all categories show that this is a powerful air purifier, slightly behind the Vax Pure Air 300.

easy to use controls

Most people will find it easiest to operate the purifier in automatic mode, where the fan speed ramps up as the air quality deteriorates. There’s a standard Auto mode and a more sensitive Allergen mode. Usefully, the color lamp at the front offers a visual indicator of air quality, moving from blue (good) through amber to red (poor). This lamp is dimmed when you dim the controls. At the lowest setting, the purifier is silent. At full tilt, sound jumped to 56.7dB.

Product Description

Wattage: 60 Watts

Item weight: 9.8 Kg


#5 Dimplex DXAPV3N Air Purifier

DIMPLEX DXAPV3N air purifier for allergies


This purifier is a small box that’s designed to fit on a desk. It’s also one of the least expensive HEPA-filter purifiers available. It can’t display the current air quality; there’s no remote control, and there’s no sleep timer. There’s a carbon filter built-in, designed to neutralize odors, and it emits negative ions to help reduce the risk of some viruses.

For small offices and bedrooms. the Dimplex DXAPV3N Air Purifier could be a good choice.

Product Description

Wattage: 25 Watts

Item weight: 1.4 Kg