Rechargeable Battery Fan: Buyer’s Guide


Tired of the constantly increasing temperature?

Well, a good rechargeable battery fan could be the best companion you should own to escape from this scorching heat.

Portable battery fans are available in the range of small and cute keychain fans to the larger desk fans that are capable of cooling a fairly big room.

Battery operated fans have evolved somewhere in the twentieth century and made a tremendous influence in the market with their quality and refreshing breeze. Apart from the initial bulky models, simple and small rechargeable battery fans for personal use to the larger models with additional features like oscillator and ionizer fans are available nowadays.

Portability is one of the basic advantages of these rechargeable battery fans from the immovable traditional ceiling fans. Considering price and safety rechargeable battery fans are more preferred over the traditional ceiling fans. Since most of these models are wireless there is no chance of you stumbling over them.

Rechargeable battery fans are compact and occupy very little space. You’ll get fans that are specially designed for camping trips and outdoors that can produce enough breeze without much power consumption.

Buying a portable rechargeable fan may not seem like a great deal. But, it can turn out to be a bit complicated if you’re not sure of what to look for in a rechargeable battery fan. Well, in this article we’re putting our maximum effort and long research to ease up your purchase process.

In search of a portable rechargeable fan for your bedroom or living room?

Well, in this case, go for a larger model with an oscillator and other adjustments.

If you want to buy a fan for personal use a simple box or table fan would be ideal.

After hours of tiring research, we’ve reviewed a few handpicked portable rechargeable fans from the top sellers in the market. Choose the product apt for you from the list of products reviewed below.

Top 5 Rechargeable Battery Fan Models

We’ve reviewed a handpicked collection of 5 rechargeable battery fans from the best sellers in the market. Go for the model that suits well with your space and meets all your requirements.

1. Geek Aire 12 inch Rechargeable Battery Fan with 15600 mAh Li-ion Battery


Battery fan by Geek Aire

Rechargeable battery fan by Geek Aire


Geek Aire CF 1 is a new generation utility rechargeable battery fan with excellent performance. The 12-inch metal fan blade and the powerful brushless DC motor deliver excellent airflow of up to 1500 CFM, which is comparable to a 12-inch high-velocity fan in an AC. It has an IPX4 standard design ideal for outdoors. You can use it outdoors like a job site, camping, fishing, sporting, and party, etc.

This rechargeable battery fan by Geek aire is driven by a 15600mAh high-quality Lithium-ion battery which can be fully charged in just 4-5 hours. This unit has a 4-24 hours runtime(can vary with speed setting) and it comes with a 24V power charger.

Manufacturers have made this unit quieter, more durable and reliable with its complete water-resistant metal body construction. The BLDC motor technology featured with this unit makes it stand out from its competitors. You can also use this unit as a versatile power bank since it features an extra USB port(cable not included) for charging your smartphone and other digital devices.

Easy Controls

Simple and easy one-knob control with variable speed setting for accurate control and 120-degree tilting angle to adjust air directions with your need.


This unit features an LED battery indicator in the gauge and anti-slip rubber feet to ensure additional safety of the unit.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 16.7 x 14 x 7.1 inches

Item Weight: 6.9 Pounds

2. Lasko 3300 20″ Rechargeable Battery Fan With 3 Energy-Efficient Speeds

Battery Fan Lasko

Lasko Rechargeable Battery Fan


With the rugged design, construction, high-performance speeds, and energy-efficient operation this fan will help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the season. The pivoting head that rotates a full 180 degrees giving you complete control allowing you to direct air in any direction with your needs. This unit comes fully assembled.

This unit can easily be placed anywhere, simply grab the built-in carry handle and aim the fan where you need it.

The three high-performance speeds with this unit make this unit ideal for your bedroom, living room, kitchen or home office. It has a quiet operation ensuring you complete peace of mind and cool breeze.

With five blades and 3 fan speeds, this 20-inch fan provides a cooling breeze without driving up your electricity bills. The built-in carry handle makes this unit very convenient and portable for use in-home or office. You’ll be able to use the fan right out of the box since it comes fully assembled. Just plug it into a wall outlet and adjust the speed using the dial.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 25.8 x 23.8 x 10.1 inches

Item Weight: 9.25 Pounds

3. Vornado CR1-0253-06 460 Small Whole Room Rechargeable Battery Fan, Black

Rechargeable Fan by Vornado

Vornado Rechargeable Battery Fan

The Vornado 460 features dramatic gloss and matte finish with sleek lines. Its whole-room vortex action empowers the fan to move air up to 70 feet. The featured chrome glide bar enables a full 90-degree tilt and the user-friendly knob gives control over its three airflow speeds.

The detachable grill of this unit provides easy access to the blades making maintenance much easier. The Vornado 460 is backed by the manufacturer’s industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

Constant Comfort

The Vornado circulator creates a unique airflow pattern called Vortex Action to circulate all the air in the room. This feature enables air to flow fast, cool and constant creating a cooling experience unlike any other.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 8.9 x 9.7 x 11.2 inches

Item Weight: 4.25 Pounds

4. Patton PUF2010B-BM 20-inch High-Velocity Rechargeable Battery Fan

Rechargeable Fan by Patton

Patton Rechargeable Battery Fan

You can effectively manage airflow in your home or workspace with this Patton 20″ High-Velocity rechargeable battery fan. The durable metal construction of this unit is ideal for cooling or drying your garages and workshops. Maximize air intake, air exhaust and air circulation with the 3-speed setting and oscillating tilt head. The large 20″ blade of this fan moves air effectively, keeping your space well-ventilated and comfortable.

The powder-coated metal front and rear grill featured with this unit ensure maximum security and lasting use even in your work areas.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 7.9 x 23 x 23 inches

Item Weight: 15.05 Pounds

5. SkyGenius Rechargeable Battery Fan With Clip, Black

Battery fan rechargeable

Skygenius Rechargeable Battery Fan

The SkyGenius clip-on rechargeable battery fan has a very portable and handheld design, so you can easily carry it anywhere. It features a portable clip that makes this unit an ideal choice for baby stroller and during gym sessions. The genius 360 degrees vertical and horizontal rotation makes it more flexible and convenient, which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activity, such as for home, travel, office,  etc.

This unit is operated with a replaceable and rechargeable battery(included) which can work for 2.5 – 6 hours depending on different fan speeds. The SkyGenius portable fan can easily be charged with a USB power source from your computer or power bank.

Product Description

Product Dimension: 7.5 x 3.9 x 5.9 inches

Item Weight: 9.6 Ounces


A Swamp cooler is an affectionate name of an evaporative cooler. During the hot summer months, using a swamp cooler can save a lot on your monthly electricity bills.

It uses only the natural process of evaporation to make your home’s air colder.

What are swamp cooler pads?

Swamp cooler pads are a crucial part in your swamp coolers. Proper inspection and cleaning the swamp cooler pads is an important factor affecting the efficiency and life of an evaporative cooler.

Choosing the right swamp cooler pads.

Choosing the best swamp cooler pad can be challenging since its effectiveness tends to change with the weather. Here is a short guide on how to choose the right swamp cooler pad, no matter the season.

1. Wood

During the warm weather conditions, swamp cooler pads made of wood is a good choice. Wood absorbs a portion of the water and it cools some of the air that passes through its wood fibers. This causes the air coming out to be cooler in temperature.

Aspen pads are the most commonly used wooden pads and are made of shaved wooden pads.

2. CELdek media

These are honeycomb-shaped blocks that are made of cellulose paper. These pads are more effective than wood pads and can provide a greater drop in temperature. These models are a bit more expensive too.

3. Plastic

Plastic swamp cooler pads tend to be cheaper than the other two models but they are in turn less efficient than the other two. They are thinner, so less water gets absorbed than the other two models.

Best Swamp Cooler Pads

1. Portacool PARKULJ24000 KUUL Replacement Media for Jetstream 240 Portable Evaporative Cooler

PORTACOOL PARKULJ24000 Swamp cooler pads


The Portacool PARKULJ24000 Kuul Swamp cooler pad comes with genuine Portacool portacool replacement part. This swamp coolers use evaporative media in order to cool. Its special design allows efficient water evaporation and is engineered for easy maintenance and service. These media sets are the perfect solution for affordability, reliability, and effectiveness. 

Portacool was launched in 1990 offering the first version of an evaporative cooler designed to provide economical, effective cooling. 

Product Description

Item Weight: 2.7 Pounds

Item Dimension: 6 x 12 x 24 inches

2. Honeywell Replacement Cooling Pad for CL25AE/CO25AE Evaporative Cooler



The Honeywell replacement swamp cooler pad will help your swamp cooler to perform much more efficiently. Cross-corrugated sheets are featured with this unit. Water and air can flow evenly without sagging or gapping. These swamp cooler pads are designed to work energy efficiently with a life expectancy of 3-5 years. 

Product Description

Item Weight: 

Item Dimension: 15 x 14x 1.6 inches

3. Dial 3073 Cooler Pads

DIAL 3073 Swamp Cooler Pads


The Dial 3073 US manufactured swamp cooler pad offers excellent durability. This model offers a very user-friendly design. It is a pre-cut dura-cool evaporative cooler pad, non-allergenic, odorless, can be rinsed with Garden hose to clean and it won’t shed fiber. The lite weight cooler pad is cheaper than other models in the market.

Product Description

Item Weight: 8.8 Ounces

Item Dimension: 30 x 23 x 1 inches


4. HoMedics MyChill Replacement Cooling Media



This swamp cooler pad by HOMEDICS  MYCHILL works well to cool personal space between four to six feet. It cools your personal space by up to 12 degrees. It is ideal for dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms, and anywhere air conditioning is unavailable. 

This unit can create a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress, and simplify your life. Since its beginning in 1987, it has created, innovated, and refined a remarkable line of personal wellness products.

Product Description

Item Weight: 3.84 Ounces

Item Dimension: 6.5 x 1.8 x 5.7 inches

Ductless Air Conditioner


A ductless air conditioner normally consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. 

You can improve the efficiency of the system simply by removing the ducts. 

The inbuilt thermostat makes it capable to control each area with individual temperature.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems


The main advantages of ductless systems are their

  • Flexible placement
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise levels
  • High degree of comfort.

 In these cases, ductless systems can also work as a supplement to central air conditioning systems (like ‘hot rooms’ located upstairs or at a corner).

Another huge advantage of ductless systems is that heat pump models can also provide the required heat. 


  • Cant be installed in every application
  • Some people don’t like wall mounting
  • It can be expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ductless Air conditioner

If you’re around the idea of investing in a ductless mini-split air conditioner, main factors to consider to get the desired product are mentioned below.


Cost is the main downside of buying a ductless air conditioner. If you want a ductless air conditioner that’s powerful enough to cool a large room you have to pay a pretty high amount. 

In addition to the price of the unit itself, you have two main additional costs to factor in — installation and ongoing energy costs. Some DIYers may have the skill to install a ductless air conditioner themselves, but most customers will need an HVAC specialist for help.

The second category is mostly good news. Energy costs with a ductless air conditioner will be lower than any other type of air conditioner providing the same amount of cooling.

Be prepared to expect an uptick in your energy bills if you haven’t been using anything for cooling before.

Number of Zones

You’ll find single-zone ductless air conditioners designed to cool one room and multi-zone models that can work with several rooms.

The cost will go up for each zone you add, but if you live in a house with several rooms you need to keep cool, then making sure you get an air conditioning unit with the right number of zones is important.

One of the benefits of zones is that you can control each one distinctly. A quad-zone air conditioning unit, for example, can be set to four different temperatures based on the needs of people in each of the four rooms.

The same goes for dual-zone and triple-zone units.


Or you can turn the A/C off entirely in any room that’s not currently in use. This cooling strategy will not only save you money but is something that you are unable to do with central air conditioners.

Power / BTU Requirements

The power of all air conditioners is measured in BTUs. The higher the BTUs, the greater space an air conditioner will be able to effectively cool. In many cases, you’ll see a specific room size provided in the specs of a product as well, but you can also do the calculations yourself based on the BTU information they provide.

Energy Efficiency

They are energy star certified. It lets you know that you have a lot of options that perform well regarding energy efficiency.

As you’d expect, if you want to cool a larger space or more rooms, the energy you use will increase. But the option of cooling just the space you’re in will help you keep it low.


A lot of ductless air conditioners use the standard 110-120 volt outlet, but some larger models require a higher voltage.

If you purchase a model that needs a 220 or 240-volt plug, then you’ll have to work with an electrician for an upgrade to ensure you don’t blow a fuse or even cause a fire.

This is an important factor to consider when shopping for an A/C unit. If you’re looking to save on installation costs, then you will need to consider the type of volt outlet the unit requires.

Ease of Installation

You’ll very likely need to call in an HVAC specialist who is experienced in installing ductless vents.

In fact, some ductless air conditioner manufacturers also make professional installation a requirement if you want to take advantage of the product’s warranty.

If you do decide that you’re up to the task of installing it yourself, then make sure to do some research to get an idea for what will be involved.  


Obviously, an investment as big as a ductless air conditioner is one that should be for keeps. You don’t want to have to deal with expensive repairs or worse, replacing the whole thing, for many years to come.

Some ductless units come with warranties, so you know you can count on the product for longer or at least get it fixed with minimal cost and trouble. If you’re looking for more durable air conditioning check for portable battery fan which is a more cheaper way to alter your home cooling. 

Reviews and brand reputation can also give you a head’s up to how long units have lasted for other customers. To get a better idea of the best brands, please read the brand section below.

Top 5 Ductless Air Conditioners

#1 Klimaire KSIF012-H115-S Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioner by KLIMAIRE


The Klimaire KSIF012-H115-S 12000 BTU ductless mini-split air conditioner is one of the best ductless air conditioners on the market today, the Klimaire KSIF012-H115-S uses DC Inverter technology that keeps your electricity cost at a minimum.

includes a pre-vacuumed indoor unit, pre-charged outdoor unit, mounting bracket for the inside unit, remote control and a 13 ft. Installation kit. You can enjoy comfortable, cool air in your room up to 400 to 550 square feet in size. It provides you with 12,000 BTU but runs at whisper-quiet operation.

The sleek and attractive wall mount indoor unit is engineered with oscillating louvers that ensures evenly distributed air throughout the room to avoid hot and cold spots with the auto swing function. The multi-speed fan allows you to adjust the airflow precisely to the setting that gives you the greatest comfort. You can always enjoy 3 adjustable fan speeds, all-in-one efficient heating, and cooling, along with dedicated dehumidification.

The auto-clean is also a great function that cleans and dries the evaporator to prevent bacterial growth to maintain healthy indoor air quality. The unit also has a very useful remote control that has a follow me function where the temperature sensor automatically chooses the operation mode by sensing the temperature around you.

Other key features such as Self-diagnosis, Refrigerant Leak Detection, Turbo Function, Sleep Mode, and Freeze Protection are also included.

Some users have complained of the unit being on the heavy side, and a bit of difficulty in installing it. All these can be solved with the help of a professional.

Product Description

Item weight: 95.5 pounds

Item Dimension: 38 x 36 x 16.5 inches


#2 Classic America Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioner by CLASSIC AMERICA


Classic America uses the worlds #1 manufacturer of ductless mini-split units, to ensure the highest degree of quality, efficiency and performance in their modern, simple, yet versatile and cost-effective ductless mini-split system. The Classic America ductless air conditioner has a modern and sleek look. It has remarkable features that provide you with 12,000 BTU of cooling comfort in your home.

It features an automatic air swing, a sleep function, a timer, and washable filters. The unit can heat or cool a room in a house quietly, effectively and efficiently. The inbuilt wireless remote control allows the user to select among 5 operating modes; Auto, Cool, Heat, Dry and Fan.


Features an Innovative temperature-monitor thermistor protection device that causes freeze prevention.

Product Description

Item weight: 17.2 pounds

Item Dimension: 31.7 x 7.6 x 11.2 inches


#3 Whynter Ductless Air Conditioner System

Ductless ac by WHYNTER


The Whynter ductless air conditioner and heat pump system is equipped with two 3M + Activated Carbon filters, and two High-Density filters to reduce odor and clean the air.

It uses the most advanced inverter technology to provide you with energy-efficient cooling and heating. This unit is a versatile machine with its five operational modes—Auto, Cool, Dehumidify, Heat, and Fan modes. It has a dehumidifying capacity of 60 pts/day.

It features Infrared remote control with the follow-me feature, sleep mode & auto-restart function.

This single-zone Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Systems by Whynter allow you to cool or heat a specified area without the need for extensive ducting or floor space. Featured Sleep mode function that saves energy by maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Follows a function which automatically sets the operating modes by sensing the room temperatures.\

Product Description

Item weight: 17 pounds

Item Dimension: 8 x 29 x 12 inches


#4 Senville Ductless Air Conditioner

SENVILLE ductless ac


The Senville Ductless Air Conditioner is specially designed for large rooms, offices, or commercial buildings. Some users found it difficult to mound the unit into the ceiling, so it is best to hire a professional.

It operates using DC Inverter technology to deliver high performance and energy efficiency. The unit can effectively cool your room in the summer and keep it warm during the winter with whisper-quiet operation. This unit also comes with a wireless remote control so adjusting the settings is quite easy and simple.

The AURA Series has a 2-year warranty on parts and a 7-year warranty for the compressor. The AURA Series by Senville is far more affordable.

Please note: Electrical wiring harness and cables not included.

Product Description

Item weight: 26.5 lbs

Item Dimension: 22.44×22.44×10.24 inches


#5 PIONEER Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner

Mini split air conditioner by PIONEER


 Heat or cool any contiguous area, quietly, effectively and efficiently with this unit. The series comes in a range of capacities; from 9000 BTU/hour to 36000 BTU/hour.  

An automatic switchover feature is available for automatic operation using its temperature sensor. The timer function allows the user to set the system to start or stop running at a certain time. Night mode function automatically adopts the temperature settings to the naturally changing body temperature levels during the night. Auto-restart function memorizes all settings in case of a temporary power failure and restarts. Your system will continue running the same way after the power is reconnected. Cloud programmable wireless Internet remote access function is also available.

Smart buyers choose Pioneer brand Inverter split systems for their top quality, reliability, and performance, available at extremely affordable prices.

Product Description

Item weight: 17 Pounds

Item Dimension: 26.5 × 7.4 × 11.4 inches

Guide to Choose The Right Portable Air Conditioner


Air conditioners are sometimes the only option to get cool air inside. We can use portable ways such as a battery fan, portable AC, etc.. to cool your space conveniently. Whether you endure hot weather all year long or only for a few months in a year air conditioning can become necessary to keep your home comfortable.

In most cases, a central air conditioner or individual AC units in every room of the house may not seem comfortable.

During the colder months of the year generally, all the doors and windows in a home are left shut to leave the cold air outside. But cooking can be trouble as the cold air can make the kitchen really uncomfortable. You may wonder if you could take down the wall-mounted air conditioner and place it in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, this is not possible.

However, there are different types of portable air conditioners which can be easily moved with ease. No matter which room you want to cool a portable air conditioner can do it for you within no time. The inbuilt castors allow you to move it throughout your house as per your requirements. A portable air conditioner also has fewer maintenance costs as compared to a wall or window-mounted air conditioners.

Another important feature of portable air conditioners is that they can also dehumidify a room which can make the room more comfortable. For homes that already have a portable air conditioner, a portable air conditioner can be used to lower the temperature of a specific area where you spend a lot of time. Not only you feel comfortable but you can save a lot on energy bills as you don’t have to cool your entire home.


5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Air Conditioner


1. How many BTU’s do I need to Cool my Space?

How many BTU’s ( British Thermal Units ) do I need to cool my space?  Before considering this question, you first need to check how big is the space you want to cool. Measure the square footage of your space. Next check the BTUs of the unit which tells you how much cooling energy the unit will provide.

You shouldn’t just buy the air conditioner with larger BTUs because larger units do consume more power.

If you need to cool a relatively small area, purchasing a portable air conditioner with enough BTUs to get the job done effectively, like the Haier CPRB08XCJ Portable Air Conditioner with 8,000 BTUs, can cut down operating costs, the purchase price, and the size of the unit.

Conversely, the Haier CPN14XC9 Portable Air Conditioner which features a whopping 14,000 BTUs can handle cooling problems in much larger areas.


 2. Noise

The air conditioner makes noise, no matter if it is window, ductless or portable AC.

In most cases, the noise produced is relatively minimal and is mostly described as ‘ background noise ‘ that you likely won’t even notice.

However, while shopping a portable air conditioner noise level is an important factor to consider. If it’s a matter to you to find an AC unit that doesn’t add too much noise to your home when it’s turned on, you can find specially designed quieter models. If manufacturers have put effort into making an air conditioner quieter, they’ll mention it in their marketing materials.

3. Installation

Generally, portable air conditioners shouldn’t be much trouble to install or they won’t suit that “portable” title very effectively. The main thing you’ll need to worry about is hooking up the window kit for ventilation.

Your portable AC unit should come with a clear step-by-step user manual on how to do this and anyone with basic around-the-house DIY experience should expect the process to be relatively quick and simple. 

If you do plan on taking advantage of the portable nature of the air conditioner and often move it from one room to another, then it will be good to buy an extra vent kit and install it in the second room. This will simplify the process, as all you need to do is set up the hose(s). Go for a portable battery fan if you’d want to forget the hassle of installation. 

4. Energy Efficiency

Depending on how you use the AC unit, you may see a variation in the amount of energy you use. (unless you’re using it to decrease your use of central air conditioning unit). We’ll provide details about portable air conditioners and how they’re rated that even makes it possible to compare how specific models perform in terms of energy efficiency.

If saving energy costs is important to you, it’ll be better finding an air conditioner with a programmable thermostat that will automatically switch off when your room reaches the temperature you’ve set it for. Make sure you keep your unit clean and well maintained, as any AC having more workload due to improper maintenance will end up using more energy.

You should also have a look at an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER tells you how many BTUs are used for each watt of power. In other words, units with higher EERs are more energy efficient.

5. Ventilation

Portable air conditioners vent out hot air, which means you will need to keep yours close to a window. Most portable air conditioners come with a window venting kit and clear instructions on how to set up the air conditioner up so that it vents properly. In most cases, they are all quite simple to set up, which makes them easy to move from room to room.

If you want to keep your air conditioner in a space that is a ways away from the window, then check the maximum width the window kit can extend to. Some model portable AC’s have kits that will allow you more flexibility in where you keep it, but others will need to stay close to the window. Depending on the model you choose, you will be able to buy an extension hose or vent kit that will allow you to move it to a more convenient spot.


Top 5 Portable Air Conditioners To Buy

We’ve researched and reviewed five different portable air conditioners from top brands.

Pros and cons of all the products are listed in detail.

1. Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

WHYNTER ARC-14S portable air conditioner


Whynter is ARC-14S is eco-friendly, CFC free, lead-free and energy-efficient portable air conditioner. Stay cool while keeping better environmental standards and reducing energy consumption. This portable air conditioner features the patented advance auto drain technology, which uses and recycles moisture collected during the cooling process to produce cool air. The dual hose operation provides fast cooling and this unit can cool up to 500 sq. ft. space. This portable air conditioner has 3 operational modes: air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier. The unit also features fully thermostatic control with full readout and 24-hour programmable timer. This unit also features a remote control, activated carbon air filter, washable pre-filter, and product manual packaged inside the exhaust hose. Noise level (dBA): <56.

With a maximum power consumption of 1250 W / 10.8 A and Power supply: 115 V / 60Hz / 1 Phase this unit has a dehumidifying capacity of 101 pints per day.

Product Description

Noise level : < 56 dBA

Power Consumption : 1250 W/ 10.8 A

Item Weight: 80 Pounds

Dehumidifier Capacity : 101 pints / per day

2. Royal Sovereign ARP-9411

Portable Air Conditioner ROYAL SOVEREIGN


The Royal Sovereign combines the functionality of three appliances – an air dryer, air conditioner, and a fan and is suitable for premises that aren’t much bigger than 9 sq.m. in size. The air conditioner is sleek and ultra-quiet. No annoying rattling sounds or aloud hums are produced that you would hear with most air conditioners. This unit operates at less than 65 dB sound. These low noise levels provide a peaceful and quiet environment at home. The conditioner is quite lightweight (26.76 kg) and therefore, can be easily moved around or even transported if the need be. It has caster wheels and two handles so that you can roll it moving from one room to another effortlessly. Other conveniences include a digital control panel, remote control, and an automatic condensate evaporation system. With the Royal Sovereign conditioner, you can set the period of time during which you want it to keep running and return to the chilled home from work or walk.

Product Description

Noise level : < 65 dBA

Item Weight: 18 Pounds

Dehumidifier Capacity : 55 pints / per day


3.  Hisense AP10CW2G

HISENSE AP10CW2G Portable Air Conditioner


This Hisense AP10CW2G can be controlled with an included remote, your smartphone, and can be voice-controlled. It works with both Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. It runs quiet and the cross-flow fan design cools your space quickly. The included window ventilation kit installs quickly in horizontal or vertical windows from 18 to 50-inch wide openings.

The I-Feel temperature sensor built into the remote control transmits the surrounding temperature back to the unit, providing maximum comfort. An ultra-quiet compressor and a new cross-flow fan design give you quiet, strong airflow.

Set it and forget it with the programmable 24-hour on/off clock and timer.

Product Description

Noise level: < 47 dBA at low fan speed

Item Weight: 72 Pounds

4.  Honeywell Compact Cooler and Humidifier

HONEYWELL Portable air conditioner


Prefer gentle humidity over coolness?

New to evaporative air cooling?

This portable AC unit from Honeywell packs a ton of features into a value-priced product. In addition to serving as an air-conditioner, it can also be used as a fan and humidifier. Other features include low energy, carbon dust filter, and remote control. It’s available in five sizes, from 176 to 525 CFM

The lightweight, highly energy-efficient, model is built to cool your space immediately. Couch, bed, workspace, breakfast nook—the unit is compact and easily portable for personal evaporative cooling. It features a timer which can be programmed for up to 7.5 hours facilitating unattended operation. Whisper-quiet option for lighter sleepers. Select the low-fan setting for humidification. The sensation is like a lakeside breeze.

It has washable active carbon filter traps dust, odors, and pollutants.

Product Description

Noise level : < 24 dBA

Power Consumption : 7.4 W – 32 W ( low to high)

Item Weight : 12.6 Pounds

Dehumidifier Capacity : 85 pints / per day


5. Frigidaire Smart Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner by FRIGIDAIRE



This Frigidaire just might be the smartest piece of tech in your home. You can remotely turn the unit on or off, change temperature, and control mode and fan speeds using remotes or the Frigidaire app. This all adds up to saving energy. The A/C unit will remind you when the filter needs to be changed and about any other maintenance it needs. It’s rated to cool a room up to 700 square feet. This unit features an LED lighting, a modern mesh grill, and a sleek new shape, this unique unit blends seamlessly into any room. In addition, you can cool your room from anywhere, anytime using your smart device. With effortless scheduling, conveniently develop a custom schedule for your AC 24 hours a day. Ideal for cooling a room up to 700 square feet you can easily program your AC day and night, during the week, and on weekends.

This portable air conditioner has 14000 BTU capacity with supplemental heat.

Product Description

Item Dimension: 16.6 x 19.4 x 31.3 inches

Item Weight: 83 Pounds